New study shows that you can spoil your dinner with cookies

Windsor, ON – Growing up James Arthur, age 25, of Windsor was told by his mother that he would spoil his dinner and that he would not have an appetite if he ate cookies before the meal was served. Deciding to put this to the test Mr. Arthur conducted a study this past month and reached the conclusion that you will indeed spoil your dinner by eating cookies. Continue reading

Customer immediately regrets ordering salad instead of fries

Windsor, ON – Sitting down to eat at his local tavern Adam Borden, age 46, of Windsor thought he was making the smart choice when asked what side he would like with his burger and ordered the salad.   Almost immediately Mr. Borden experienced feelings of angst and regret.  “I really wanted the fries but I was out on a first date and thought I’d better get the salad so my date would think I eat healthy”. Continue reading