Baseball talk during sex becoming intolerable for girlfriend


Windsor, ON – Colin Clarke’s fascination with the World Series is fast becoming a problem in his relationship.  “When it started it was kind of cute, he’d talk about getting to second base” said Mr. Clarke’s girlfriend Stacey Jones of Windsor.  “But lately it is getting to be too much” she explained during a recent media session.
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Windsor man accidentally creates portal to other dimension while building IKEA book-shelf


Windsor, ON – Dave Richards of Windsor opened a portal to an alternate dimension this past week while attempting to put together his new book-shelf that he purchased from IKEA. “I really don’t know how it happened.  I was following the instructions the best I could.  They said it would take approximately 60 minutes to build the book-shelf but after about 3 hours the portal to the other dimension opened in my living room” said a stunned Richards.
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Dog upset when actually sent to live on farm


Windsor, ON – Rocky the Shetland Sheepdog formerly of Windsor, Ontario was upset to learn he was being sent to live on a farm this past week.   “I heard them talking about sending me to a farm and I figured they were going to try and whack me out.  It happened to two pals of mine Leo and Ritchie.  They got told they were going to live on a farm and then ended up getting clipped. Never seen again.  But these nut-jobs actually sent me to a farm” Rocky said from an undisclosed homestead in the Ridgetown area this week.
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