Pelissier Street parking garage to be relocated to WFCU Centre parking lot


Windsor, ON  – Windsor City Councilman Frank Edwards has come up with what he describes as the perfect solution to the controversy over the Pelissier Street parking garage. “I’m putting forward a proposal to move the parking garage over to the Windsor Family Credit Union Centre parking lot.  Brick by brick, spot by spot, we’ll move the entire garage over to the WFCU Centre” said a beaming councilman on Thursday.
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City Council announces plan for 28000 new parking spaces in downtown Windsor


Windsor, ON – In addition to the parking spaces being added on the ground floor of the Pelissier Street parking structure City Council approved a plan this week to add 28000 more spots in the downtown core. Councilman Frank Edwards made the official announcement on Thursday at City Hall “Our goal is to one day have a parking spot available downtown for every car that is licensed in Windsor”.
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