Local conspiracy nut having trouble getting attention

Windsor, ON – Samuel Shaw, 44, of Windsor has seen a lack of followers, likes and comments on his social media pages in recent months which he blames on people actually being aware of real facts. “I’ve been posting about conspiracy theories for years and a lot of people used to agree with me but lately I think the facts are getting in the way” Shaw said during a recent media scrum.
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Giant pole erected


Windsor, ON – The Great Canadian Flag Project group in Windsor have achieved their goal to have a 150-foot flagpole installed at Dieppe Gardens that will fly a 30-by-60 foot Canadian flag at the edge of the Detroit River.   The flag will be unveiled for the first time on May 20th.
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Five ways to know if you have a stalker on Facebook


Windsor, ON – A recent study at the University of Windsor has resulted in a new list to confirm whether or not a Facebook contact is actually stalking you on-line. “In recent years there has been a lot of discussion of privacy in relation to social media sites and a fundamental question has arisen.  Do I have a Facebook stalker or just a weird contact on my friend list?” explained Professor Dean Douglas on Monday.
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Friends worried that new couple might be rushing joint Facebook account


Windsor, ON – Eva Williams and Vincent Long who began dating three weeks ago have decided to abandon their individual Facebook accounts in favour of a new account named “Eva Vincent” to the alarm and dismay of their closest friends.   “I know they are happy and all but this is just too big a step after just three weeks” said Annie Talbot, a friend of Ms. Williams since childhood.
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