Local man won’t shut-up about his NHL playoff bracket

Windsor, ON – Fred Walton, age 51, of Windsor completed his on-line NHL playoff bracket on Monday evening and thinks everyone needs to know how great his picks are.   “Sure it took me about two hours to figure out how to login but once I did I know I nailed every pick.  I spent most of the weekend researching my picks” Walton told gathered media on Wednesday morning ahead of the start of the playoffs.
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Top ten things to post in the Windsor Star comments section

Windsor, ON – Have you ever found yourself on the outside looking in on the informative and insightful comments section of the Windsor Star? Have you ever wondered how can I contribute to the discussion and social discourse that occurs in the Windsor Star comments section?   Well, What’s Up Windsor is here to help you.   Here are the top ten comments regularly seen on a Windsor Star article’s on-line comments section that you can now use to assist you in joining in on the discussion. Counting down from ten to one here are the most popular comments to leave on a Windsor Star story. Continue reading

Placement of contradictory signs being investigated

Windsor, ON – Residents in South Windsor recently complained to the city officials that the “No Stopping” sign placed directly beside a “Stop” sign was causing confusion and traffic congestion in their neighbourhood. “People think they can’t stop then they have to stop but think they might get a ticket for stopping.  It is backing up traffic up and down the street.  The placement of these signs makes no sense” said local resident John Rahal.
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