Jackson Browne death-threat very upsetting mainly because of grammatical errors


Windsor, ON – The person or persons who left threatening leaflets around downtown Windsor this past Thursday prior to Jackson Browne’s performance at Caesar’s Windsor clearly has some issues and may indeed be dangerous but another disturbing aspect of the threat is the person’s poor grammar, spelling and the mistaken belief that Canada has a second amendment.
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Tax Mascot has big plans for the future


Windsor, ON – “I’ve got a B.A. in theatre arts” said a hopeful Steve Cochrane this past Wednesday as he stood on the corner of Jefferson and Tecumseh Road East in Windsor.   “Four years at Acadia University and my career is on its way” he went on to say while trying to encourage passers-by to file their taxes from inside his tax-maple-leaf mascot suit.
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Man already camping out for fireworks night


Windsor, ON – Kevin Connolly, aged 42, of Windsor has already selected his spot for this year’s annual fireworks display over the Detroit River. “Every year I go to the fireworks and every year I think I could have gotten a little closer to the action so I decided this was going to be the year that I would get the best possible spot” Connolly said as he set-up his tent on the riverfront on Wednesday.
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