Baseball talk during sex becoming intolerable for girlfriend


Windsor, ON – Colin Clarke’s fascination with the World Series is fast becoming a problem in his relationship.  “When it started it was kind of cute, he’d talk about getting to second base” said Mr. Clarke’s girlfriend Stacey Jones of Windsor.  “But lately it is getting to be too much” she explained during a recent media session.

Ms. Jones went on to explain that her boyfriend’s baseball references have grown more and more annoying “the other night I had an orgasm and he started yelling ‘there it is, that’s the highlight of the night!  Somebody call Sports Centre’ it kind of ruined the moment”.   Ms. Jones said the follow-up at breakfast the next morning was just as bad when the baseball loving Romeo exclaimed “Clarke had a big night at the plate last night, he went four-for-five with runners in scoring position!”

The end of the relationship may be in sight as the latest report from the bedroom has Ms. Jones preparing for bed when Mr. Clarke advised her that she had already missed the ‘end of the game’ but that there was an instant replay available on his cell phone.   Ms. Jones also said that none of the games ever goes to extra innings and that she was considering a relief pitcher if things don’t improve “a lefty with a hanging curve”.