Dog upset when actually sent to live on farm


Windsor, ON – Rocky the Shetland Sheepdog formerly of Windsor, Ontario was upset to learn he was being sent to live on a farm this past week.   “I heard them talking about sending me to a farm and I figured they were going to try and whack me out.  It happened to two pals of mine Leo and Ritchie.  They got told they were going to live on a farm and then ended up getting clipped. Never seen again.  But these nut-jobs actually sent me to a farm” Rocky said from an undisclosed homestead in the Ridgetown area this week.

“Now here I am. In f***in Ridgetown!  Can you believe this s**t?   Ridgetown!!  You know what’s cool about living on a farm in Ridgetown?   Nothing!!!   I was in Walkerville.  Cool, trendy, real estate values on the rise, good Italian restaurants, great pubs.   Now I’m stuck on a farm!” exclaimed the agitated canine.

“Chickens and cows, cow and chickens, who lives like this?   What kind of people are these?”  Rocky asked while reminiscing about his old stomping grounds in Walkerville.  “I could go for a walk down Wyandotte, hit the riverfront on the way back home but now I’m in Hicksville with chickens and cows.   And don’t even get me started on the food.  I wanted some left-overs the other night they said they were ordering some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles with ketchup.   It’s a nightmare”.