Local woman unable to re-gift Christmas present this year


Windsor, ON – Ashley Helms of Windsor is not having a very good Christmas season. For the past six years Ashley and a group of friends have exchanged Christmas gifts with one another.  This year Ashley has been left holding the bag on the one present that has been re-gifted for the last five years.  The Navage.

The Navage is a nasal hygiene cleaner and apparently no one is Ashley’s group of friends have wanted it since it was introduced into their social circle in 2010. “It’s gross” said Ashley “who in their right mind would give this out as a gift?   Sticking this thing up your nose to try and clean your nostrils? Sarah gave it to Liz in 2010 and every year it has been re-gifted”.

The nasal cleaner has been passed from one friend in the group to another to another until this year when Ashley realized everyone else had already been given and then re-gifted the Navage. “What am I supposed to do with this thing?  How did I get stuck with this?   This is the worst Christmas ever”.   When asked what she would like instead of a Navage Ms. Helms replied “something sensible like a Chia Pet or a Magic Bullet blender of course”.