City Council announces plan for 28000 new parking spaces in downtown Windsor


Windsor, ON – In addition to the parking spaces being added on the ground floor of the Pelissier Street parking structure City Council approved a plan this week to add 28000 more spots in the downtown core. Councilman Frank Edwards made the official announcement on Thursday at City Hall “Our goal is to one day have a parking spot available downtown for every car that is licensed in Windsor”.

The councilman went on to explain “if we get a parking spot available for every driver and every car I am sure more people will come downtown. Once everyone in the city is parking downtown it will only be a matter of time before someone wants to open a new business”.

“I’m also going to be putting forward a proposal in the coming weeks to change our official city motto to More Parking equals More People” said the councilman. “We may need to increase the rates at parking meters to pay for all the new parking spaces but I know the citizens of Windsor will be happy with all the new spots” he added. Construction on the new parking spaces begins in late December and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2019.