Jackson Browne death-threat very upsetting mainly because of grammatical errors


Windsor, ON – The person or persons who left threatening leaflets around downtown Windsor this past Thursday prior to Jackson Browne’s performance at Caesar’s Windsor clearly has some issues and may indeed be dangerous but another disturbing aspect of the threat is the person’s poor grammar, spelling and the mistaken belief that Canada has a second amendment.

“I think we should hold people writing death threats and ransom notes to a higher standard” said English Professor Dean Douglas of the University of Windsor.   The professor went on to say “How do you expect to be taken seriously when you can’t spell ‘Canadians’ properly at the start of your threat?”

In addition to misspelling Canadians the leaflet misspelled Caesars, also misidentified Caesars Coliseum as ‘Cesars Palace Auditorium’, misspelled permanently and used were instead of we’re.   “The whole thing is a mess.  You would think that if you’re going to spend the time and effort to distribute a death threat you could take two minutes and run spell-check.  I’d have to give it a failing grade” said Professor Douglas.

Happily Jackson Browne’s performance in Windsor on Thursday, April 20th was not disrupted in any way.