Tax Mascot has big plans for the future


Windsor, ON – “I’ve got a B.A. in theatre arts” said a hopeful Steve Cochrane this past Wednesday as he stood on the corner of Jefferson and Tecumseh Road East in Windsor.   “Four years at Acadia University and my career is on its way” he went on to say while trying to encourage passers-by to file their taxes from inside his tax-maple-leaf mascot suit.

“Being here today is the natural progression of my career. I’d done community theatre during high school and even got cast as an extra one year in a Transformers movie so spending 120 thousand dollars on my theatre degree is a small price to pay to get to this spot” Cochrane said while waving at passing motorists.

Detailing his career trajectory Cochrane described his next steps “Another year as a corporate tax mascot, while still doing some local theatre and hopefully a stop off at some place like Cedar Point to work as an amusement park mascot and then the big time, Disney World.   It is my dream to one day be Mickey Mouse”.

You can enjoy Steve Cochrane’s current performance between now and the end of April at the corner of Jefferson and Tecumseh Road East in Windsor, Ontario.