Picture frames hit two-year mark of waiting to be hung on wall

Windsor, ON – Nick Cross, age 38, of Windsor, Ontario has recently reached a milestone of a home renovation project as the picture frames sitting in his living room have yet to be hung on the wall after two years.  “I’ve been meaning to get around to that but just haven’t had the time” Mr. Cross said on Tuesday morning.

Mr. Cross explained further “I know it would only take twenty or thirty minutes to get them hung up and they’d look great but something else always seems to come up that takes priority”.   The would-be home decorating expert added “I have the best intentions every weekend but then there is a football game on television that I want to watch or Netlix adds something like that Dahmer show and suddenly the picture frames stay on the floor.”

When asked when the frames would end up on the wall Mr. Cross estimated sometime before the beginning of 2023.  “I’m going to take a few days off around Christmas so they’ll be going up for sure.  I don’t want this to drag into a third year otherwise I’d start feeling like I was really lazy.”