Local man triumphantly chooses quicker drive-thru lane   

Windsor, ON – A split second decision provided a local man, Jack Briscoe age 45 of Windsor, a five-minute time-savings along with a rapturous thrill on Thursday evening when he picked the quicker of two drive-thru lanes at McDonalds.

Mr. Briscoe enthusiastically described the scene via several Facebook and Twitter posts late last night.  “I pulled into the drive-thru and there were two cars in each lane.  I only had a split second to react and then I realized that the first car in the right-hand lane had an older couple inside a blue Impala.   That’s when I made the fateful decision to go to the left lane” Mr. Briscoe typed in the first of a series of social media posts.

He continued his triumphant tale by describing what happened next “The older couple seemed to be having trouble deciding what to order and the first of the two cars directly ahead of me moved forward.   My anticipation started to build when the car directly in front of me appeared to just be ordering a beverage.   You can only imagine my jubilation as I moved up to the speaker and was now right beside the Impala!   Well I really can’t describe the euphoria that came over me when I then pulled ahead of them.”

Summing up his tale of triumph Mr. Briscoe said “My instinct and intuition really paid off!   I made a full two-car-pass in a drive-thru and I saved at least four, maybe, five minutes of time.   This is what NASCAR drivers must feel like when they cross the finish line.  I haven’t been this excited at a drive-thru since the early 90’s when the Shamrock Shake and the McRib were both available at the same time.”