Windsor man disappointed that Doug Ford hasn’t called him once since election

Windsor, ON – Nick Henderson, age 48 of Windsor, has had the same disappointment every day when returning home from work since June 2nd that being he has not received a voice mail message from Premier Doug Ford.  “I don’t get it.   He called me three times before the election.   Left me a very nice voice mail message each time and told me I was his friend and now nothing” an agitated Mr. Henderson reported on Tuesday.

Mr. Henderson continued “I don’t know what went wrong.  I was really feeling I was developing this new friendship and he just stopped calling.   I get home and hope to see a voice mail message waiting and nothing.  It is disheartening.”

When asked if any other candidates had reached out to him directly Mr. Henderson replied “Yes, Andrea Horwath called once.   She left a message but it was nothing like Doug Ford.  And the other guy called too.  I forget his name.   Now none of them call.   I guess I understand with Ford and Horwath they are busy but the other guy?  What’s his name?   He’s not doing anything.  You would think he could call and check-in.”