Christmas lawn ornaments starting to think they’ll be out here all year

Windsor, ON – A group of lawn ornaments in South Windsor are expressing concern that they will be left outside for the rest of 2022.   “I was pretty sure they’d take us down before Easter but here we are on the verge of the month of May and we’re right here on the front lawn” said a clearly distressed Snowman on Saturday.

According to the leader of a group of Santa Clauses located near the front porch that they started to worry about two months ago “We had a slight warm-up near the end of February.  It was the perfect time to get us back inside but nothing happened.  I know in the past they have left the Christmas lights up all year round on the eavestrough which is bad enough but they’ve never left us out here this long.”

The lawn ornaments appear to have a legitimate concern as one of the Snowmen reported that two of the elves from the North Pole display disappeared last week “It hits kind of close to home.  If the elves can go missing you have to ask yourself am I next?  We’d better getting taken inside soon before something really bad happens and the guy who owns this place ends up on the f**k’in naughty list.”