Hoarding of Taco Bell sauce packets may finally pay off

Windsor, ON –  In one of the happiest moments of his life Trevor Buchman, age 38, of Windsor, Ontario proudly displayed his collection of Taco Bell packets to gathered media this week.  “Truly this is one of the proudest moments of my life.  I always ask for and keep extra sauce packets every time I go thru the drive-thru.  I’ve got them all, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Wendy’s and now that there are supply chain issues and mild-flavoured taco sauce isn’t available I am the only one with inventory” Mr. Buchman announced on Tuesday.

When asked what his intentions were for the Taco Bell sauce packets Mr. Buchman laid out his plans in detail “First off I’m putting some up for sale on Facebook Marketplace,  then I’ll list some on EBay for international buyers and  of course I’ll be keeping some for myself for personal use.  I’m going to cash-in big time.”

In the event of a financial windfall from the sale of his fast food condiments Mr. Buchman has further plans “I going to take a vacation and send my ex-wife pictures and let her know how I paid for the trip.  Who’s stupid for hoarding take-out sauce packets now?  I really hope you and Alex from the gym enjoy your flavourless burritos Karen!”