Top Ten Bar Band Names that look bad on a Marquee

As bars and nightclubs in Windsor come back to full capacity and live music makes it return to the city several new bands that have formed over the last two years are now planning their first shows. Counting down from ten to one here’s a list of bar band names that aspiring musicians should reconsider using as they just don’t look good on a marquee:

10. Broken Urinals

9. Raw Chicken Wings

8. Closed For Renovations

7. The Sad Hand Puppets

6. Stuart Lowe Owes This Pub $180

5. Health Department Violators

4. The Smell is Gone

3. All You Can Eat Snails

2. Park in Rear

And, the number one bar band name that looks bad on a marquee…… The Watered Down Shots

(and, seriously, support local music!)