Man stranded in drive-thru as car ahead orders entire menu

Windsor, ON – Eric Norris had a bad feeling when he turned into the parking lot of his favourite fast-food restaurant on Tuesday evening “Something just didn’t feel right.   I knew something bad was going to happen” said Mr. Norris as he recounted his harrowing ordeal.

Mr. Norris continued “The cars were moving ahead at a pretty reasonable pace then I saw what I knew was going to change the rest of my evening.  A list.  The driver ahead of me had a list to order from.  Right then I knew it.  I was trapped.  I couldn’t move as there were two cars behind me blocking my way.  The sense of panic was overwhelming”.

The stranded and hungry Mr. Norris reports that thing got a bit hazy after that.  “He started reading from the list and repeating the order over and over.  I started to get light-headed and I thought I was going to pass out.  Luckily the driver behind me who was also trapped saw that I was in distress and ordered burgers and soft-drinks from Skip-the-Dishes and had them delivered to the drive-thru lane otherwise I don’t think I would have survived.”

At last report Mr. Norris was recuperating at home with a Baconator and a large Coke.