Cohort usage sees a surprising resurgence in 2020

Windsor, ON – Even with all the changes the world has seen in 2020 with pandemics, quarantines and lockdowns it would appear the biggest surprise may be the renewed usage and interest in the word cohort.

“I was really surprised to see how popular I have become in recent weeks” Cohort said when asked to comment, adding “I’ve been pretty much relegated to infrequent usage in the last quarter-century.  I was so worried that I was becoming obsolete. I thought I was going to end up like Henceforth and Kerfuffle.  No one uses those guys anymore at all and then the pandemic came along and people starting using me again”.

Cohort also appreciated that the usage and meaning of his word had taken on an accurate definition again  “It seemed for the last hundred years or so people only said cohort when they were talking about criminal activity.  That has all changed now.   It’s 2020 baby and when people say cohort they don’t think about criminals they think about a highly contagious disease spread among school children.  Tell Kerfuffle to suck on that.”