Woman named Karen claims she isn’t actually a Karen

Windsor, ON – Karen Hart, age 32, of Windsor is experiencing frustration with her name and being called a Karen.   As Karen has become a generic nickname for women who present themselves as entitled, rude and display a lack of concern or empathy for others it seems people who actually have the name Karen have run into unique problems during 2020.  

Ms. Hart explained her dilemma “The last year has been so aggravating.   Every time I enter a room people say ‘hello, Karen’ or ‘look, Karen’s here’ and suddenly everyone in the room in staring at me.  I swear I am not a Karen even though I am Karen.”

Ms. Hart does have a solution for her problem.  “I’ve started going by my middle name Suzanne but it hasn’t been working out so well.   When people who know me have called me Karen I’ve corrected them and told them my name is Suzanne but if they don’t get it right and keep calling me Karen I start to get frustrated, lose my temper, start yelling and then everyone around starts taking cell-phone videos and saying look at the behavior of this Karen.”