Local dog forming anti-muzzle group

Windsor, ON – A dog in Windsor is calling out the government for their muzzle-mandate. Identifying himself only as Charlie, the local canine said he was tired of the government infringing on his rights “I shouldn’t have to wear a muzzle if I don’t want too.  The government can’t tell me what to do no matter how much it assists in overall public safety” Charlie announced to gathered media on Wednesday.

Charlie outlined his plans to form a group of like-minded dogs to protest the wearing of muzzles “First it was dog licenses then it was leashes and now it is muzzles.   I’m forming a group to stand against muzzle-wearing.   If the cats don’t have to wear a muzzle then why do I have to wear one?”

When questioned further Charlie admitted that perhaps being on a leash and wearing a muzzle was a reasonable request in order for everyone in the community to stay safe but insisted that muzzle wearing was a plot against dogs “Clearly this is the feline deep-state at work.  Don’t believe this is a government conspiracy against dogs? Dogs who complain are disappearing. I have had several friends that spoke out then I was told they went to live on a farm and I never heard from them again.”