Windsor man cancels weekend plans to complain about the new Facebook layout

Windsor, ON – “Well it’s happened again! It’s been what six, seven years? But here we go they’re changing the layout of Facebook again” an exasperated Brian Foley exclaimed on Thursday evening.

Mr. Foley continued “Well that’s it. I’m just going to have to cancel my plans for Saturday and Sunday. I was planning on going golfing but now I’m just going to have stay home and complain about the changes on every post and status update I make. How can these do this to us again?”

The disgruntled Facebook user added “It is so frustrating that a social media platform that I use for free on occasion once or twice a week makes a change like this without consulting me. They have left me no alternative but to ramp up my use and create a new Facebook group to complain about the new design. I’ll encourage everyone I know to join my new Facebook group. I’m sure what will make my point to Mark Zuckerberg.”