Social media tasks leave local man overwhelmed during quarantine

Windsor, ON – Daniel Brooks, age 28, of Windsor has been on lay-off from his job since March 22nd and was initially struggling to fill the time during the day until a series of social media tasks came his way on Facebook and Instagram “I live alone and was doing my part for social distancing and didn’t have much to do then all of a sudden it is like I have full-time job again”.

Mr. Brooks explained further “It started out with 20 albums that influenced my taste in music. I had to post one album cover each day. I started with Meet the Brady Bunch from 1972 for that challenge. After that I had to post 20 pictures that made me happy. Next I had to video myself doing 10 push-ups a day and now I am working on pulling together my all-time quaran-teams from hockey, baseball, football, basketball, Star Wars, Star Trek and the Harry Potter movies”.

When asked if he would complete all of this social-media tasks Mr. Brooks felt that he would eventually finish them all “My boss called me the other day and said I could get back to work next week but I told him to hold-off on calling me back because I still had to post my 10 favourite slow-cooker recipes”.