Quarantine leads to startling discovery for local woman

Windsor, ON – Three weeks into the COVID-19 home-self-quarantine and a new relationship is in trouble “We only met in December and moved in together in February but I thought I knew James pretty well but then he came home with a can of Pringles for movie night and he poured them into a bowl” a distraught Sarah Conway, of Windsor, reported on Saturday evening.

“What sort of psychopath have I gotten myself mixed up with?” Ms. Conway asked gathered friends and family during a Zoom chat early Sunday morning “He seemed so normal and now this? Everyone knows you eat Pringles from the can.”

Ms. Conway reports to she plans to end the relationship as soon the quarantining and social distancing advisories have been lifted “I have to get out of this relationship. If he’ll do something this crazy with the Pringles what’s next? He might kill me in my sleep or he might put the ketchup and mustard in a kitchen cupboard instead of placing them on the shelf inside the fridge door where they belong!”