Local man dreading inevitable bad April Fool’s Day Covid-19 jokes on social media

Windsor, ON – Oliver Roberts, age 36, of Windsor thinks some of the worst fall-out from the Covid-19 virus will occur tomorrow, April 1st, on all social media platforms “It will probably start late on March 31st. Everyone will start sharing jokes, memes and bad puns about the virus. I may have to stay off of Facebook for the next few days”.

Mr. Roberts explained further “I like a good joke, I really do but we are going to inundated on April 1st. From a bad-joke and bad-pun standpoint the timing of this virus couldn’t be worse. I suppose the only thing that could be worse would be if the virus arrived in October and people would be dressed-up as Covid-19 for Halloween”.

When asked for what advice he would give people that are trying to avoid social media “I understand Porn Hub is giving out a free subscription for a month so I’d recommend that. There are never any bad puns or jokes with porn movies” replied Mr. Roberts as he settled in to watch a double-feature of Romancing the Bone and Good Will Humping.