Windsor man prepares for Corona virus

Windsor, ON – Brian Hawkins, age 44, of Windsor is busy preparing in case of a Corona virus outbreak in the Windsor area. “I’ve already started hoarding toilet paper and hand-sanitizer. To be honest I am not sure why I am hoarding the toilet paper. I think I am maybe supposed to wrap myself in it like a mummy so I don’t touch anything”.

Besides wrapping himself like a movie-monster Mr. Hawkins is taking other precautions “I’m washing my hands thoroughly and being careful to not attend large gatherings. In fact the timing of this has really worked out. My wife wanted me to attend a home and garden show next weekend and now I just yell ‘Corona virus!!!’ and I don’t have to go”.

Mr. Hawkins summed his thoughts “I really think we have to take this seriously and stay vigilant. At least until May 30th. My wife’s sister is getting married that day and I really don’t want to go”.