City has run out of construction barrels

Windsor, ON – The inevitable has happened. After starting a new construction project on Tecumseh Road East this past week the city of Windsor has completely depleted its inventory of orange and black construction barrels.   There aren’t any barrels available for any new projects.

“Our inventory has been dangerously low over the last few months” said city councillor Frank Edwards on Thursday, adding “who could have predicted that starting dozens and dozens of construction projects and finishing none of them would result in a barrel shortage? Now with various projects underway throughout the city the use of construction barrels at any new sites has become a problem”.

Edwards advised that the city does have a back-up plan “If necessary we’re going to paint garbage cans orange and black and roll them into the street and weather permitting we’re going to have students dress up in orange and black suits and stand in intersections where the barrels would be.   Of course the students will get volunteer hour credit for helping out.   So this is really a win-win for everyone involved”.