Local man devastated after missing out on limited edition potato chips

Windsor, ON – Carl Anderson, age 48, of Windsor is dealing with feelings of complete despair and devastation after missing an opportunity to purchase a bag of Lay’s Salt & Vinegar flavoured Ruffles. “They haven’t had them out since 2008 and I saw them when I was walking out of Zehr’s last weekend but figured I could buy them this week.   I went back to the store but they were all gone” said the clearly distraught Anderson.

“I knew they were only out for a limited time.   It says so right on the bag.  How could I have been so stupid?   I saw them last week I could have gone back into the store but I was in a hurry.  I did the same thing when KFC had the Double-Down sandwich out.  I waited too long the last time it was out and missed that too” Anderson added.

“I’m so upset. I can’t believe I missed the Ruffles.   Why do they have the really good stuff out for a limited time only?   Why can’t we have Salt & Vinegar Ruffles all the time?   They have those awful All Dressed Ruffles year round and nobody like those things” concluded the frustrated Mr. Anderson who was last seen heading towards a McDonalds on Tecumseh Road East to inquire about the status of the McRib sandwich.