City councillor proposes rebuilding Peabody Bridge

Windsor, ON – City councillor Frank Edwards announced his plans this week to submit a proposal to city council to re-build the Peabody Bridge on Riverside Drive at the corner of Riverside Drive East and Devonshire Road.   The original Peabody Bridge, a short overpass of railroad tracks near Hiram Walkers, was demolished in 1992 to allow for multiple lanes of traffic to proceed on the riverfront.

“Today the street is flat bend in the road beside the Walker Power Building. Imagine if we could re-build a giant two-lane bridge right in front of the Power Building” Edwards said while describing his vision “With all this talk of restoring street cars and remembering Windsor’s history I feel the time is right for us to re-build the Peabody Bridge and bring back the two-lane charm of Riverside Drive”.

“From everything I hear at the council meetings we have all kinds of extra money floating around these days. We’re putting up Christmas lights in Jackson Park, restoring an old street car so we can buy ice cream cones from the street car and all kinds of other fun projects so I think we should embrace our history and rebuild the Peabody Bridge.   Maybe we can sell ice cream cones there too.  Who doesn’t love buying frozen treats from historical sites?” asked the ice-cream loving councilman.