Date night ruined by girlfriend questioning plot of Road House

Windsor, ON – When Jim Lopez of Windsor got to pick the movie for date night with his girlfriend, Suzanne Travis, his excitement turned to frustration and then sadness as Ms. Travis dissected the storyline and plot and of Patrick Swayze’s 1989 action film Road House. “I had a pizza, snacks and my favourite movie, Road House, on Blu-ray and was so happy but then the movie started and she started with the criticisms” Lopez reported.

“It was so stupid right from the beginning.  An entire town is being taken advantage of by a corrupt businessman and the townspeople’s solution is to hope that a nightclub bouncer will save them?  You wouldn’t call a lawyer or the police or the FBI?  You call a bouncer?” Ms. Travis said in reply to the criticism remark.   She further questioned “And I know it was the 80’s but how many mullets can you have in one movie?” and “how many bouncers have a degree in philosophy from NYU?”

When confronted with the critique Mr. Lopez replied “Patrick Swayze’s character Dalton wasn’t a bouncer, he was the cooler. Everyone knows that.”   Next up the couple plan to watch the 1991 Patrick Swayze hit Point Break.  “If she doesn’t like Bodhi I may have to break-up with her” Lopez said.