Dracula claims rights to Night Market idea

Windsor, ON – With the on-going controversy between the Willistead Night Market and the Walkerville Night Market Vlad the Impaler also known as Count Dracula has weighed in this week with a claim that he invented the Night Market.  “I don’t see how anyone can say otherwise.   I held the first night market in Transylvania in 1436” the Count said this week.

The Willistead Night Market opened the summer season last weekend but some controversy and confusion ensued on Friday evening when the Walkerville Night Market Facebook page announced “The Official Walkerville Night Market has been cancelled”.  In the following days differing stories and opinions have circulated on social media as to who owns the idea of the Night Market.

“It’s pretty clear to me” said Dracula.  “I can only come out at night so that is where the idea started.  It was kind of selfish but I do have to avoid the sun so I came up with the idea of holding a market at night.  When I held the first night market in 1436 we had music, entertainment, craft beers and face-painting for the kids. All the stuff night markets are doing in 2017.  The only thing they aren’t doing is the blood-sucking but that was kind of my thing anyway.  I can’t believe the stuff I’m reading on Facebook with all these other people taking credit for my idea” the Vampire added.