Local conspiracy nut having trouble getting attention

Windsor, ON – Samuel Shaw, 44, of Windsor has seen a lack of followers, likes and comments on his social media pages in recent months which he blames on people actually being aware of real facts. “I’ve been posting about conspiracy theories for years and a lot of people used to agree with me but lately I think the facts are getting in the way” Shaw said during a recent media scrum.

“I had everyone all wound up about chem-trails in the sky and the poisoning the government was subjecting us too then CNN did a report about temperatures, condensation and airplanes and suddenly I lost a bunch of Twitter followers. I don’t know why the news media has to go to the trouble of reporting the truth” Shaw complained while mentioning his Windsor conspiracy theories “most of my Windsor-based conspiracy theories blamed Eddie Francis for everything but they have lost traction since he hasn’t been the mayor the last three years”.

When asked what was next Shaw replied “I’m not sure. I’m a pretty paranoid guy so it won’t take much for me to find something to make a wild unsubstantiated claim about but I’ve got a vacation planned to Denver International Airport next month so that should help recharge my batteries.  Did you know that the Denver Airport is actually built above a hidden gate to Hell?”