Windsor City Council to now decide tie-break votes with dance battles

Windsor, ON – In recent years the Windsor City Council has almost been evenly divided on major items and decisions in five versus five deadlocks.   The tie-breaking vote having to be cast by the Mayor.   After some controversial tie-breaking votes in recent years Councilman Frank Edwards has come up with what he thinks is an unbiased solution to breaking stalemates and proposes dance battles be used instead.

“I think going back thru history that if more people who disagreed be they politicians, businessmen or everyday people used a dance-off to solve their problems the world would be a better place” Edwards said while laying out his plans for City Council dance battles on Monday. “Next time we have a five versus five tie we’ll each select one person to represent our side and they will have a dance battle televised live during City Council meetings on our local cable television broadcast of the meeting.   Following that we can post the video on-line and by using Facebook people can ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on who won.  The winner would then cast the deciding vote in place of the mayor”.

“I’m actually looking forward to next contentious debate. The dance battle will be awesome and it will get the community involved in the democratic process.  Who wouldn’t want to see their favourite counsellors in a dance-off?” Edwards added.