Giant pole erected


Windsor, ON – The Great Canadian Flag Project group in Windsor have achieved their goal to have a 150-foot flagpole installed at Dieppe Gardens that will fly a 30-by-60 foot Canadian flag at the edge of the Detroit River.   The flag will be unveiled for the first time on May 20th.

“I am so excited. It is very arousing to have our giant pole pulled out for the world to see” said proud Windsorite Peter Richards as the pole reached its full length on Friday for the first time.  “I understand they spent the night before polishing the pole before it was erected” added Mr. Richards.

The city of Windsor has contributed in-kind services and $25,000 for landscaping around the base. “I think everyone can agree that a pole looks bigger and better with proper bush trimming around the base” said City Councilman Frank Edwards to the gathered media.  “It’s been hard for a while now to accomplish this and I am pleased we didn’t have to make any premature announcements.  I’ve got to tell you I think a pole this big will make a lot of people happy” added the councilman.