Five ways to know if you have a stalker on Facebook


Windsor, ON – A recent study at the University of Windsor has resulted in a new list to confirm whether or not a Facebook contact is actually stalking you on-line. “In recent years there has been a lot of discussion of privacy in relation to social media sites and a fundamental question has arisen.  Do I have a Facebook stalker or just a weird contact on my friend list?” explained Professor Dean Douglas on Monday.

“To resolve this question we have come up with five tell-tale signs that you do indeed have a Facebook stalker” said Professor Douglas detailing the five signs/behaviours as:

  1. He/she comments on every status update you post
  2. He/she has recently “liked” several vacation photos that you posted on Facebook in 2008
  3. He/she comments that you “look very nice today” even though you have not posted a picture on-line today
  4. He/she has a selfie-profile picture and you can see your house in the background
  5. He/she lists their profession as “Facebook Stalker of…” and your name