Confusion in HR Department as new inappropriate word is reported


Windsor, ON – A local company’s human resources department was thrown into chaos this week when an employee reported another employee for saying “the Y-Word”.   After receiving the complaint and the employee leaving the meeting the HR Department spent several hours debating what the Y-Word could be.

Iris Waltman, human resources coordinator described the scene “We were at a loss, none of us could figure out what the Y-Word is.  We googled it, asked other colleagues, but we’re stumped.  We’ve heard of the F-Word, the C-Word, the R-Word but we’re stuck on this one”.

“She seemed pretty upset so I’m guessing it must be bad” said office manager John Travis adding  “I just hope someone can figure it out before the follow-up meeting next week.  I mean seriously what the f**k is the Y-Word?”