90s bar band guy making a comeback


Windsor, ON – After several years as a musical recluse a veteran of such bars as California’s, The Village Inn and Penrods, Garry Donaldson, 51, of Windsor, Ontario announced his intentions this week to return to the local music scene and start a new band. “I think it’s time I got out there and performed again.  The Rock God of Windsor is returning” Donaldson announced on his Facebook page this week.

“Sure, I haven’t played in front of an audience since the Village Inn burned down but I think if I get the right group of guys together and we get a few gigs happening we could get some major label interest “ said Donaldson while outlining his plans for success. “It’s all about the set-list. Play some Trooper, Triumph and a couple of originals and you’ve got your ticket to fame and fortune.  I’m surprised no one has thought of this already” Donaldson said.

When asked if he had a back-up plan in place Donaldson advised that if this plan failed he would develop a persecution complex and start a Tragically Hip cover band. “Who doesn’t like seeing a bunch of bitter old guys playing Blow at High Dough?” Donaldson asked.