LaSalle coyote spotted again


LaSalle, ON – Following in the footsteps of mysterious wildlife in the area like the Michigan panther and the Amherstburg cougar the LaSalle coyote has been spotted again this week.   Sightings of the coyote in the area have been increasing since late last year.

A local man who did not wish to give his last name, resident of LaSalle Elmer F. reported “I have seen that rascal a few times and if it were hunting season I might have taken a shot at him”.   Elmer went on to say “it is very trouble-wing to know that animal is out here being a nuisance, ha-ha-ha”.

The LaSalle coyote was last seen near Front Road on March 16th carrying some ACME dynamite and a detonator.   Wildlife officials advise anyone coming across the coyote to avoid direct contact and to call the proper authorities for assistance.