Evil empire introduces new carbonite tax


Bespin, Cloud City – Emperor Palpatine introduced his new carbonite tax this week that will be placed on all of the citizens of his galactic empire.   “I got the idea from Kathleen Wynne actually” said the Emperor to gathered media “she got away with introducing a new carbon tax in her empire so I figured, why not a carbonite tax in mine?   That lady really knows how to run an empire.  I’m a big fan.”

Workers at the Tattooine Vapour Farms were already feeling the pinch of the new tax “the price of fuel for my land-speeder went up 5% overnight and no one is doing anything about it” said a worker who did not want to give his name. “I can’t even afford to go to the Friday Meeting at the Cantina for a drink this week” another worker complained.

The Emperor said the new tax was needed to off-set his new greenhouse initiative on the ice-planet Hoth.   When asked about if he was concerned about critics saying the tax was too much on the citizenry of the empire the Emperor’s spokesman replied “I find their lack of faith disturbing”.