Local activist caught not protesting by friends


Windsor, ON – Local activist, Kyle Cole, of Windsor was caught not protesting anything this past weekend.   Said the 24 year-old University of Windsor political science major “I was just burned out on making signs and attending marches and protests.  So last weekend I decided I needed a break”.

All was going well with his weekend until Mr. Cole decided to pick-up a pizza for dinner and ran into a group of his fellow protesters on their way to a march. “I told them last Friday that I had to go out of town for a funeral and then they caught me picking up a pizza”.  Mr. Cole advises that his fellow protesters were upset with him for not supporting the cause.  “The problem is that I have been to so many marches and protests that I couldn’t remember what the cause was this week.  There are so many things to protest right now I got confused and I really just wanted to stay home and watch the NHL All-Star Game” said Cole.

As a result of his missing the protest last weekend Mr. Cole has agreed to support his fellow protesters as they plan on holding a gathering at the riverfront at the end of the month to encourage more protesting in general.