January 10th sees man abandon all New Year’s resolutions


Windsor, ON – Chris Danielson of Windsor has announced an end to all of his New Year’s resolutions on Tuesday. “I tried very hard to keep up with my goals but they weren’t realistic I guess” said Danielson as he made his way to Good Life Fitness to try and cancel the gym membership he purchased on January 3rd.

Danielson’s goals for 2017 were to go to the gym twice a week, not eat fast food and stop drinking alcohol for the month of January but after the Canadian Junior Team’s loss at the World Junior Championships he decided he needed a beer “They were up 4 to 2 in third, they should have won! Can you blame me for wanting a beer?”

“And I really was going to go to the gym, I bought the membership and everything but then I realized how much time I have to devote to my Fantasy Football team and I knew something had to give” Danielson explained as he looked forward to next year “but just you wait and see, 2018 is going to be a whole new year for me and I’m going to really get myself back into shape”.