Windsor man begins 2017 by closing MySpace account


Windsor, ON – Jason Whitlock of Windsor, Ontario began his new year by finally closing his MySpace account. “I haven’t had a friend or add request in seven years so I decided it was time to let it go” Mr. Whitlock advised while doing one last check on his MySpace page on Sunday morning.

“I got a MySpace page in 2004 and all my friends were on there, sharing pictures, uploading music clips, changing their wallpaper background images every day but since 2007 or 2008 it has been kind of quiet.  I haven’t even heard from Tom in the last five years” Whitlock said of the founder of MySpace, Tom Anderson, who was previously added as a friend to all-user’s pages during the height of MySpace’s popularity.

When asked how he would spend his time now that he will no longer have the social network to keep him busy Mr. Whitlock replied “I guess I’ll finally get a Twitter account or maybe Facebook. I have a hard time with change and I kept thinking that MySpace would bounce back and become popular again but it hasn’t happened and my first New Year’s resolution of 2017 was to close my account. But even if I don’t get Twitter or Facebook I’ve still got my Vine account to keep me busy”.