Pro wrestling fan thinks Cleveland Indians manager cost them the World Series


Windsor, ON – Life-long professional wrestling fan, Dennis Grayson of Windsor, Ontario thinks he knows why the Cleveland Indians lost the World Series this week, he believes that the Indians manager, Terry Francona, should have taken a page out of Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan’s playbook and distracted the umpire more frequently during the game.

“I’ve been watching professional wrestling my entire life and the managers in pro wrestling know what to do at crunch time, you interfere when the referee’s back is turned” said Grayson of his theory that would have brought the World Series trophy to Cleveland for the first time since 1948. “There were also several moments during Game 7 that the manager could have tripped someone or thrown a foreign object at a player on the other team. James J. Dillon did it for the Four Horsemen why couldn’t Terry Francona have done the same thing?” Grayson wondered aloud while reviewing the War Games match from the Great American Bash in 1987 in comparison to Wednesday evening’s Game 7 between Cleveland and the Chicago Cubs.

“And another thing why don’t the other major sports have masked competitors like professional wrestling does?” Grayson asked “It would certainly put the other team at a disadvantage if they did not know who the pitcher was if he was wearing a mask. It worked very well for Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair of the Killer Bees I’ve got to believe it would work in Major League Baseball”.