Group plans intervention over friend’s ear hair


Windsor, ON – A group of friends gathered this past weekend to plan out an intervention for a friend’s ear hair.  Richard Reynolds turned 50 years old this past May and since his birthday earlier this summer his ear hair has exploded in growth to the dismay of his friends and co-workers.

“Rick’s a good guy” said friend Dennis Sampson “but his ear hair is so distracting.  If it gets much longer he’ll be able to braid it”.   Sarah Hartman, another good friend, added “It’s like he turned 50 and the hair stopped growing on his head and just moved to down to his ears”.

“I hope he’ll listen to us.  We’ve all chipped in and have purchased Rick an ear hair trimmer” said Marty Jenner a long-time co-worker of the bushy-eared Windsorite.  “That nostril hair could use a touch up too” he added “but our first priority is that ear hair. If it gets too much longer Rick will be able to do a comb-over from ear to the other.”

The intervention is planned for this coming Friday night when the group gets together for their weekly after-work beer.