Comic book nerd exposed as a fraud


Windsor, ON – Startling news this week coming out of New-Comic-Book-Day. While attending the weekly trip to the comic book store with his friends Mark Buckingham was outed as a fraud. It was revealed on Wednesday that Mr. Buckingham has only been pretending to like comic books.

“I just got swept up in the lie and wanted to tag along every week” said an apologetic Buckingham. The warning signs were there according to his friends. “We were watching Daredevil on Netflix and he didn’t know that Matt Murdoch was blind” said Travis Scott a long-time comic book fan and acquaintance of the fraudster. Scott added “then just last week he got Deathstroke and Deadpool confused. I feel so dirty. I let that guy hold my mint copy of Amazing Spider-Man # 252”.

Others were taken in by the charade as well as Buckingham continued to purchase comics each week and take them home but apparently never read them. “I watched Big Bang Theory once and there were all these girls at the comic book store on the show so I started going into the local comic shop. Next thing you know I was hanging out every week and I got in over my head” stated a teary-eyed Buckingham.

Buckingham has promised to watch both Avengers movies on blu-ray, go see Suicide Squad along with reading the entire 2010 Brightest Day limited series this week in an attempt to regain acceptance at the New-Comic-Book-Day weekly meeting.