Man misunderstands meaning of “Netflix and Chill”


Windsor, ON – After inviting a lady friend over to his apartment local man, Danny Irving of Windsor, was surprised to find out that he misunderstood what “Netflix and Chill” actually meant.   “I’ve heard people saying it a lot so I invited my friend Sarah over to Netflix and Chill and she said yes” said the confused Romeo.

“I didn’t know it meant sex until after she left” Irving advised a group of reporters to his hastily called press conference.   Mr. Irving told the gathered media that he took the phrase “Netflix and Chill” literally and selected Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Netflix, turned up his air conditioning and served his friend ice cream.

“The place was beyond chill, it was freezing” said Irving as he struggled to comprehend the evening’s events but continued “After a while she got too cold, mumbled something about me not being very bright and left”.   It was at this point Mr. Irving googled the phrase Netflix and Chill and realized it had nothing to do with watching a movie, being cold or eating ice cream.

In light of this recent event Mr. Irving has cancelled his Netflix account and has joined the Plenty of Fish dating website where he lists his ideal first date as “watching a Star Wars movie and eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream”.