Windsor couple troubled by Facebook friend request


Windsor, ON – Tim and Stacey Apter awoke Sunday morning to a troubling Facebook friend request. It was a request to be friends from a couple that they had only met only hours earlier at a mutual friend’s wedding reception. The request was from a shared account of a Bill & Tammy Carson of Leamington, Ontario.

Said Stacey Apter “What kind of a disturbed person meets you at a wedding and goes straight home, looks you up on Facebook and wants to be your Facebook friend? Seriously we only shared a table with them along with eight other guests for about 90 minutes. It’s crazy!” According to Tim Apter the Facebook behaviour took another troubling turn around 4:00am on Sunday morning “we’ve never met these people before and they started liking our vacation photos from 2013 in the middle of the night. Who looks up vacation photos from 2013 of someone you just met and then likes them?”

“We are very concerned” advised Stacey adding “we don’t know if they are stalkers or swingers or what they want from us!” Tim noted another troubling aspect about the account of their potential new Facebook contacts “What kind of freaks keep a shared account? Are they so into their relationship that all individualism has been lost so they have to keep a shared Facebook profile?”

Tim and Stacey have yet to reply to the pending friend request instead leaving it unanswered for now while monitoring their Twitter and Instagram accounts for other possible interactions from the Carsons.