Windsor Hum Mystery Solved!


Detroit, MI – After several years of study the source of the notorious Windsor hum which has been described as part noise and part vibration, which varies in intensity and comes and goes at random intervals, sometimes lasting hours and other times droning on for days has been uncovered.

Four co-workers at the Zug Island Steel Mill have come forward to admit that they are the cause of the mysterious hum that has been plaguing Windsor for several years. The four friends had started a garage-rock band in 2010 and regularly rehearse songs on their breaks at the mill.

“That’s where the problem comes in” said lead singer Cliff Myles “we’re not very good and often we can’t remember the words to song lyrics so when we can’t remember the words we just hum along very loudly to cover up the missing parts”. “We had no idea all the problems we were causing” advised bass guitarist Terry Taylor “who knew that our humming carried all the way to Windsor?”

After realizing that their humming has caused so much distress for the citizens of Windsor the quartet has promised to no longer hum along to songs during their breaks. “We’re going to whistle instead” said Jacob Swann, the drummer for the aspiring musicians.

In what appears to be an unrelated story residents in west Windsor have been complaining of high-pitched whining noise in the overnight hours in recent weeks.