Man destroys television after seeing Coke commercial 300 times

Coke 2Capture

Windsor, ON – After seeing the “hey, brother” Coca-Cola commercial 300 times in one week Jay Shipman, age 31, of Windsor destroyed his television in a fit of rage on Saturday.  “I just couldn’t take it anymore” said Shipman.

“I’ll admit I maybe watch too much television but really how many times are they going to run this commercial?  I watched the Big Bang Theory on Thursday night and this stupid commercial aired four times in 30 minutes” Shipman explained.   “What was I supposed to do?”

The commercial which features an older brother tormenting his young brother only to later save his brother and his brother’s soft drink from bullies has been airing on multiple channels over the last month. Said Shipman “For the love of God, I get it.  The brother is a hero in the end and he saves his brother and the f***in bottle of Coke!  But do they just have one commercial?  They’re Coke!  They must have more than one commercial!!”

After seeing the commercial in question an approximated 300 times over the last month Shipman snapped and took a baseball bat to his television in which eye-witnesses described as a scene out of Inglorious Basterds with the television playing the part of the Nazi soldier.  Shipman advised that he will not be replacing the television instead he plans on reading book a book while enjoying a Pepsi.